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Phuc Hung Hotel

Phuc Hung Hotel

D8 (39-40) Lac Hong Street, Sea encroaching region, Vinh Lac Ward, Rach Gia City, Kien Gia Province.

Phúc Hưng 2: D8 (18-19-20) Phan Huy Ích, P. Vĩnh Lạc, TP. Rạch Giá

Tel: (077) 3941 539 - 3943 356

Fax: (077) 3929454

Situated in the heart of Rach Gia city and in an economic section of coastline occupancy, Phuc Hung restaurant is such a tourist attraction for visitors from all over the country.

This two-star hotel with 47 resting rooms full of such comforts equipped as air-conditioner, TV, sauna and other luxurious inner decoration items provides customers with peaceful and relaxing moments in their journey. Each room with different charge offers various choices and meets customers’ demand.

Luxurious, cozy space creates full enjoyment. Besides, security matter is put into consideration so that requirements of even picky ones can be satisfied.

Such advantages as convenient location – in the city center, adjacent to restaurants, professional wait staff, good serving style, Phuc Hung restaurant promises to be a real ideal destination which you can hardly miss once stepping into Rach Gia city.



Hình ảnh Khách sạn Phúc Hưng 1 (21 phòng)


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Hình ảnh Khách sạn Phúc Hưng 2 (26 phòng)


Phúc Hưng 2

Phúc Hưng 2
Phúc Hưng 2


Phúc Hưng 2 Phúc Hưng 2
Phúc Hưng 2 Phúc Hưng 2
Phúc Hưng 2 Phúc Hưng 2

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